Office Window Tinting

Eco Glass Window Tinting offers a fast and undisruptive solution to all your window tinting needs. Our commercial building window film is highly effective for a range of problems associated with the suns harsh rays and glass related issues such as heat, glare reduction, fading, safety, security, privacy and glass frosting and privacy.

Building & Office Window tinting will provide solutions for the following:

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  • Heat Control (Up to 78% Heat Rejection)
  • Glare Reduction on PC screen and other boardroom Audio Visual equipment
  • Reduced energy bills by using less air conditioning and temperature regulation.
  • Privacy Film (One Way – Mirror films for security)
  • UV Protection (Stops 99% UVA and UVB rays)
  • Frosted Film (used for privacy and decorative purposes in offices and boardrooms)
  • Clear Safety Films (Turns standard glass into safety glass)
  • UV Protection on retail shop front windows will prevent fading of garments.


Heat Rejection Films

Many new buildings have major heat and glare problems due to the large amounts of glass. Once window film is applied to the interior of the glass up to 75% of the sun’s heat rays are deflected off the glass and the glare is brought down to a manageable level. The film allows the air-conditioning system to regulate the interior office temperature throughout the building.

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Glare Reduction Window Films

Glare can cause major problems in offices, boardrooms and training rooms. Window tinting is best solution as not only will you cut out the glare but you will eliminate the heat at the same time with one application. High glare in offices can cause eye strain, fatigue and headaches causing an unproductive work environment.

Frosted & Decorative Window Films

Installing frosted films on office and boardroom windows is a quick and inexpensive way of creating privacy without blocking out any of the light and still allowing it to be aesthetically pleasing on the eye. Company logos are often added to glass reception doors.

Shop Front Windows UV Rejection & Sun Damage Films

These neutral films will be very discreet and once fitted are barely detectable.
Used mostly for its UV block and protection against sun damage and fading in store front windows. Enjoy a clear view without the damage.

Privacy – One way Films

These films are mainly used for security and allow for total privacy while allowing you to see out. Used mainly for guard houses, cash counting rooms and offices where the public can see into the rooms with computers, stock and other valuable office equipment.

Energy Reduction Building Films

Solar heat enters buildings through unprotected glass and windows causing uneven temperatures, hotspots giving a constant battle with air conditioning. Window films keep up to 78% of solar energy out of buildings, resulting in a cooler and more controllable climate and reducing the energy costs of air-conditioning considerably. We can even offer low emissivity (low E) films which reduce external solar heat gain during the summer and reduce heat loss during the winter.

Double Volume Reception Areas

Large amounts of heat and glare often cause an unbearable working environment. Window film is able to eliminate a fair amount of this without drastically changing the aesthetic appearance to the buildings entrance.