Residential Window Tinting

Eco Glass Window Tinting offers a fast and undisruptive solution to all your window tinting needs. Our architectural window film is technologically advanced so it is hardly noticeable when fitted to residential windows but it is highly effective for a range of problems associated with the suns harsh rays and glass in general. Our window films are the perfect choice for Private Estate living where one can keep the required aesthetic appearance to your home while still getting all the benefits of architectural window film.

Home Window tinting will provide effective solutions to the following:

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  • Heat Rejection of up to 78% !!
  • Stops 99% of UVA and UVB rays.
  • Protects furniture and flooring against fading and sun damage.
  • Frosted Decorative Films will provide privacy but still let in all the light.
  • Eliminates glare problems on TV and PC Screens.
  • Reduced energy bills by using less air conditioning and temperature regulation.
  • Burglar resistant clear safety films.


Heat Rejection Films

We have a wide range of heat reduction films that will block out 35% to 78% of heat penetrating the glass, depending on film selected. All our films will block out 99% of UVA and UVB rays


99% UV Rejection & Sun Damage control Films

These neutral films will be very discreet and once fitted will appear almost clear.
Used mostly for its UV block and protection against sun damage and fading of furniture as well as 99% of UVA & UVB protection for skin cancer patients.


Frosted & Decorative Window Films

Frosted film applied to glass is a cost effective and simple solution to glass having a sand blasted look. Most of the time these films are used for privacy and aesthetic finishes to homes. These films will give you privacy but still allow all the natural light into the room unlike blinds or curtains.


Glare Reduction Window Films

These films are mainly used in entertainment rooms with large screen TV’s and other audio visual equipment where glare can be seen on screens limiting the effectiveness of these screens. Light coloured flooring and double volume windows can also cause excessive glare problems in rooms.


Bathroom Frosted Window Films

In today’s modern bathrooms more designers are opting for frosting rather that blinds as you are able to get total privacy while still allowing all the natural light into the bathroom. Custom designs can also be added to create an aesthetic finish that compliments your homes decor.


Reverse Metalized Films

This new top of the range architectural film is designed for residential use where clients
want optimal performance with soft tone neutral colours and very little change to the aesthetic appearance to their homes. This films reflectiveness will only show on the EXTERIOR of the building and WILL NOT reverse AT NIGHT, as would a conventional film, hence they are suitable for residential properties that have an evening view. All of these films carry a 10 USA Manufactured guarantee on film and installation.


Sky Light Window Films

Skylights often cause major heat, glare and sun damage problems by fitting window film one drastically reduce these.